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Will I ever be on time again?!

November 3, 2011

I am punctual. I am socially awkwardly early. I get everywhere before the meeting starts, before the store opens etc. I have only been late for work once or twice in my life. However, then I had kids. Now I am late or running late daily. I never understood why people with kids were late until I had my own. Sometimes it is because I have to stop to nurse the baby, but that is rare. More often than not I am late because my three year old hates getting ready and hates leaving the house. I thought we were going to be on time this morning for a change and then the sound of the buzzer went when we were still in the school yard at pre- school. We started the process of getting ready at 6:50 a.m. this morning. Should be plenty of time right?! After all pre-school starts at 8:45. However, it is a struggle to get Xavier dressed. Who knew it could take up to an hour to get dressed and a battle if we help or if we don’t help or if the sock is twisted. And then there is eating and peeing. He tried to convince me he had already peed this morning. Following all of the above is the entrance to the car seat once we actually have outdoor clothes and shoes on. Oh, and once we stop to eat again. The car seat entrance would be comedic for anyone else watching. On the plus side, no one can accuse my son of not stopping to smell the roses! And he does make me slow own and appreciate life too. Next adventure: getting to swimming lessons later!

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